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CART Connect

Welcome to MAPCR's CART Connect where CART consumers connect with CART providers!

So you need live, realtime captions? MAPCR has you covered. Please fill out the following
information and we'll match you up with a CART writer.

I'm looking for a CART writer

Are you a CART provider and looking to be on the MAPCR list shared with people who are looking for a CART writer?

I am a CART writer

This service is a free benefit to all MAPCR members. Non-Members can participate in this service at a rate of $65 per year.  If you fill out the form as non-member you will be invoiced $65.

For access to the CART Connect Directory click here.

MAPCR's CART Connect is a portal to connect job posters with service providers. All service and payment negotiations are between the two connected parties. MAPCR will not be held responsible for any payment or service delivery issues. Thank you.

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