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Transcript Connect

You MUST be certified to produce transcripts in Michigan in order to sign up for this service!

Welcome to MAPCR's Transcript Connect! MAPCR is currently seeking qualified members and certified individuals to assist with a backlog of transcript work for court reporters across Michigan. This is a valuable opportunity for certified professionals to contribute their skills, support their peers, and ensure timely and accurate transcription of legal proceedings. By joining MAPCR in this effort, individuals can help maintain the high standards of court reporting and uphold the integrity of the judicial process in the state.

I am certified to produce transcripts in Michigan and I want
to help with someone's backlog!


I am a reporter in Michigan and I need help with completing a transcript job!

For access to the Transcript Connect Directory click here.

This service is a free benefit to all MAPCR members. Non-Members can participate in this service at a rate of $65 per year.  If you fill out the form as non-member you will be invoiced $65. 

MAPCR's Transcript Connect is a portal to connect job posters with service providers. All service and payment negotiations are between the two connected parties. MAPCR will not be held responsible for any payment or service delivery issues. Thank you.

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