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MAPCR Fall Zoom Software Training


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MAPCR Fall Software Zoom Training

October 14, 2023

9:00 am - 1:00 pm

Earn .4 CEUs

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CaseCAT Training
Trainer: Pam Szczecinski

Flagging Text
Scan Stops and Hot Spots How to highlight text to review and identify oops, untranslates, and empty fields.

Mark your spot in the file to move from current  location in your file and return back to original location with one click or keyboard shortcut command.

Mistran Minder
Create a list of common mistranslates for one last review of the transcript.

Full Screen
Eliminate toolbars for easier proofreading.

Automatic Indexing

Learn how Catalyst build index feature can
create your index page to include examinations, exhibit, and other information.

Eclipse Macros and Display Settings: Your Realtime and Editing Super Powers
Trainer: Michelle Kirkpatrick, RDR-CRR-CRC, FCRR

Realtime veteran and Eclipse trainer Michelle Kirkpatrick will show you how to dial in some realtime and editing Super Powers using your Eclipse CAT software.  We’ll review editing macros on your QWERTY keyboard versus realtime writing macros from your steno machine. Michelle will show you how to pull up the default editing and realtime macros already pre-programmed into Eclipse, show you what the programming looks like, then show you how to get started on making some of your own. (She’ll even give you some of hers.)  Importing and exporting macros in and out of different users and when updating to a new version of Eclipse or moving to a new laptop can sometimes be a bit of a mystery about where they go and why they won’t load, so Michelle will touch on that as well.
Next, we’ll talk about the Super Powers you can find in your display settings. This will include Auto-Brief settings and your Translation Magic display colors. We’ll touch on various user colors for your scopist and your proofreader and show you how to have them show up in the display colors that you and your team each pre-program into your
software settings so that your realtime changes, your rough draft run-throughs, and your last pass through your final transcripts will work systematically for you and like a well-oiled machine.
We can’t wait for you to leave this session with some new secret Super Powers of your own!

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